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What insurance plans are offered via HSBC Internet Banking?
The following insurance plans with instant approval are available via HSBC Internet Banking. In addition, you can enjoy special offers for applications through HSBC Internet Banking.

  • AccidentSurance
  • TravelSurance
  • HomeSurance
  • HospitalSurance
  • Term Life Insurance (Refundable Premium)
  • Helper Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
  • Outpatient Care
  • Refundable Hospital Insurance

Other insurance services are available at branches.

Please tell me more about the insurance services?
After logging on to HSBC Internet Banking, please go to theInsurance section, select the appropriate insurance service and click on the Product Highlights button.

Can I check the details of the insurance plans that I have purchased online?
Yes. The product name and policy number of the insurance plan(s) you have purchased will appear in the "My other account" under 'Banking' tab or "Service Centre" of 'Insurance' page later.